Throughout the year

Sue works as a lecturer and guide for some world-class travel companies, and also regularly gives presentations to conferences, schools, Boards of Directors, Zoos and other prestigious companies worldwide.

The examples below give an idea of the scope of her presentations, although they can be adapted for a variety of audiences of any age. All are lavishly illustrated with slides and video clips that Sue has taken during her travels.

Each talk normally lasts 1 hour to 90 minutes.

Behind The Scenes on Planet Earth

Sue Flood talks about her behind-the-scenes adventures working on the BBC/Discovery series "Planet Earth". This Emmy and BAFTA award-winning series took her from the Arctic, to the Antarctic, to the South Pacific - from freezing in -40C in the Arctic winter, to snorkelling in warm tropical waters. Discover what it takes to bring home amazing images from the field: from eider ducks diving under the Arctic ice in winter, humpback whale mothers and calves in the South Pacific, to a polar bear mother emerging from her den with her tiny twin cubs in the Arctic.

Behind The Scenes on The Blue Planet

Sue Flood talks about her adventures working on the BBC/Discovery series "The Blue Planet". This BAFTA and Emmy award-winning series took her all over the world - from the Arctic, to the temperate waters of California, to Japan - from freezing in -40C in the Arctic winter, to snorkelling in warm tropical waters. Sue describes the excitement and heartache from her adventures in the field: whether watching killer whales hunting grey whales in California, polar bears stalking beluga whales trapped in the Arctic ice. Find out if it's as glamorous a job as it sounds when Sue
reveals the secrets from behind the scenes!

Life As A Wildlife Photographer

Sue describes her adventures, and highlights (and hugely embarrassing experiences!) from her life as a wildlife filmmaker and photographer over the last 20 years. Diving face to face with leopard seals in the Antarctic, snorkelling with humpback whales, tracking polar bears in the Arctic and receiving the world's most original wedding proposal!

Review from "Living on Thin Ice" Canon / WWF Presentation

Sue Flood and Doug Allan gave an illustrated lecture at the London IMAX in association with Canon UK in support of WWF. They talked about their polar experiences on assignments, and raising awareness of how polar bears are being affected by climate change.

Please see the link for further information and review: http://www.canon.co.uk/livingonthinice/